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Create Your own Amber room

Everyone has long been aware of the health benefits of the Amber Room. Thanks to TM “AMBREO” plasters, Your dream of Your own amber room will come true.

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Research on the benefits of wearing AMBREO Insoles

Benefits proven in practice

For constant wear, we handed out 250 pairs of amber insoles to representatives of different professions.  The age range of people involved is from 16 to 70 years.  All these people were living their usual life: they went to work, in for sports or just moved around the house.

In 100% of cases of using amber insoles, the following useful changes were found:

    1. Unpleasant smell of feet and shoes disappears within 24 hours
  1. Fatigue is significantly decreased
  2. Likelihood of fungal diseases of the legs is significantly decreased

And a number of other improvements in overall body health is also revealed. Discover more

The Philosophy Of Our team

- Live in harmony with nature
- Create only natural and ecological products
- Use the knowledge and experience of others to create products, oriented to heal human's body
For the manufacture of all our products, we use only natural amber stones. All our products are handmade.

Live in harmony with nature
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Special offer!

Amber tiles

Sizes: 60x60, 30x60
Available in 4 designs of two colours

from 00,00€

Amber lining

Available in _ models of two colours

from 00,00€

Amber plaster


Available in _ models of two colours

from 00,00€

Casual amber insoles

Sizes: 25 - 46
Available in 7 models of two colours

from 29,00€

Massage amber insoles

Sizes 25 - 46
Available in 7 models of two colours

from 34,00€

Massage amber mats

Size 40x70 cm (15.75 x 27.56 inches)
Available in 7 models of two colours

from 249,00€

How does it work?

Physical exercise is also important for your health, beauty and well-being.
Only natural organic food will make our body healthy and strong.
See how your life becomes a pleasant adventure, full of bright colors and fun activities.

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