You don’t have to ask someone for massage. From now Ambreo products will do it for You.

Starting to take its first steps, the baby is not immune from the development of the deformity of the foot. If you do not immediately attach importance to this and do not take preventive measures, then in the future the child will notice such consequences – from poor posture, back pain, and, possibly, to disorders in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Caring parents always listen to the advice of orthopedists, who firstly recommend that mothers do a light massage of the heels, and then prescribe a therapeutic exercise. In the physical therapy rooms, you can often find interesting orthopedic rugs for children from flat feet, which are extremely effective both for correction and for the prevention of foot deformation.

Here you can buy a massage amber rug for home use so that the baby has the opportunity to receive the necessary foot massage daily. After all, it helps maximize blood flow to the legs, stimulates important reflex zones, which are responsible for certain organs, thereby healing them, helps strengthen immunity and prevents the development of flat feet.

Amber mats AMBREO have a diverse relief and are divided into four types: two types with balls of sizes from 8-12 mm and 15+ mm, amber stones fraction up to 10 mm and 12+ mm. When choosing a rug model, you need to consider the age of the child. For babies it is necessary to use rugs with smooth amber stones or small amber balls. It is very important that children are comfortable walking on embossed natural amber stones.

Foot massage is very useful because it improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, relieves muscle tension in the legs, helps to relax, and also reduces the manifestations of varicose veins.

We have developed several types of foot massage mats:


Barok – honey yellow

Massage amber mat Barok, color – honey yellow

Old Town – coconut white

Massage amber mat Old Town, color – coconut white

Sphere – honey yellow

Massage amber mat Sphere, bigger fraction

Sphere – honey yellow

Massage amber mat Sphere, smaller fraction

All mats are flexible


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