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From now AMBREO shoe insoles will take care of the health and smell of Your feet.

When wearing amber insoles, the work of all organs and systems of the body improves. They strengthen the immune defense, regulate the energy balance. Under the influence of the insoles on active points on the feet, the body’s defenses are activated, the energy in all the human energy channels is balanced, the internal organs are strengthened, and the endocrine glands are stimulated.

Natural amber and succinic acid included in the insoles are widely known for their antiseptic effect. Thanks to them, alien microorganisms, fungi, and microbes are suppressed. Insoles also have anti-inflammatory, healing, immuno-strengthening, stimulating, antitoxic properties.

From the first days of their use, an improvement in the general condition of a person occurs due to the activation of metabolic processes in the body, and this leads to a correction of the biofield, improvement of immune defense, and energy balance.

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