Everyone has long been aware of the health benefits of the Amber Room. Thanks to TM “AMBREO” plasters, Your dream of Your own amber room will come true.

You are aware of numerous legends about the unique healing properties of amber. After all, this stone is not just the energy of the Sun, the storehouse of the sun’s rays of those incomprehensibly distant times. From ancient times, there is a belief that the “tears” of ancient pines are drops of resin that fell into the sea, polished by the waves and thrown ashore, acquire magical properties, energize, and heal from many diseases. That is why amber was valued at all times. Pieces of jewelry from it often became happy talismans for their owners.

A fascination with amber has long been explained not only by its beauty but also by its healing properties. It has been established that folk experience in amber treatment has scientific justification. Consequently, not only the beauty of the stone but also the belief in its healing properties determined the attitude of a person to it.

The walls of the amber rooms are covered with small amber, which is appreciated for its healing properties. Due to its electrostatics, aromatic, and other properties, this stone creates a special microclimate around itself, filling the entire internal space of the room, ensuring its bactericidal effect. Therefore, in such rooms, people can relieve stress, restore their strength. Simplicity and accessibility, lack of allergens, and by-effects make amber therapy a panacea for many diseases. In similar rooms, equipped with amber, healers successfully treat patients by simultaneously adjusting their energy field (aura). But these are healers …

And what is the scientific evidence about the mechanisms of the effects of amber on the body? Studies have shown that amber can produce a large number of negatively charged ions, which, passing through the upper respiratory tract, are carried throughout the body. This contributes to the active synthesis of ATP, which provides intracellular energy supply, which leads to the restoration and normal functioning of all organs. Amber is also an excellent dielectric. It protects the body from static and stray electricity, which harms humans.

In the studies of scientists, it was found that staying in the amber room for 30-45 minutes a day helps to cure many diseases. There is a recovery of the person generally. According to observations in Karlovy Vary, amber therapy improves the quality of life in 89% of patients.


Now, everyone can afford the amber room, with new plasters from Ambreo.

We have created several types of plaster to suit almost every interior.


Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

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Amber plaster in the interior.

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