We have developed and patented the amber linden lining. The amber sauna has a beneficial effect on the treatment of many diseases, strengthens the immune system. Now you can create your own amber sauna.

Amber therapy is one of the oldest methods of improving the body, which affects the human body at several physical levels, improving not only the psychological and emotional state, but also helps to cope with diseases of the thyroid gland, circulatory system, and respiratory tract.
Since ancient times, treatment with amber has become widely popular in countries rich in this natural health factor, where it has long been noticed that when you are in the same room with it, the headache goes away, and mental and physical activity increases.

We have developed and patented the amber linden lining. Amber + linden, due to its electrostaticity, aromaticity and other properties, creates a special microclimate around itself, filling the entire interior space of the room, providing bactericidal properties.

Amber lining

In a room or sauna with amber, people relieve stress and restore their strength.
Scientists’ studies have shown that amber has the ability to produce a large number of negatively charged ions, which, passing through the upper respiratory tract, are carried throughout the body and contribute to the active synthesis of ATP. Thus, intracellular energy supply is provided, which leads to the restoration and normal functioning of the activity of all organs.
Amber is also an excellent dielectric and protects the body from static and stray electricity, which has a negative effect on human organs.

Amber therapy is used for medicinal purposes for the following diseases:
– tonsillitis, asthma;
– joint diseases;
– vegetative-vascular dystonia;
– hypertension;
– cardiovascular diseases;
– varicose veins;
– mastopathy, fibroids, lipomas;
– infertility;
– adnexitis;
– postoperative period;
– oncological diseases;
– diffuse non-toxic and nodular goiter.

In general , the amber sauna has a beneficial effect on the treatment of many diseases. There is a recovery of the person as a whole. Simplicity and availability, absence of allergic reactions and side effects make amber therapy a panacea for many diseases.

Care: As it becomes dirty, you can wash or wipe the lining with ordinary water . To avoid loss of healing properties, it is forbidden to use chemicals for cleaning .
The recommended temperature range is 80 degrees. Although during our tests, the amber lining was subjected to a temperature of up to 160 degrees for 24 hours, and every hour it was taken out of the oven and dipped in water!

Composition: natural amber; succinic acid; acrylic glue (after drying, it becomes completely environmentally neutral)