Glossy tiles made of natural amber for residential and commercial interiors.

The main component is natural amber, which differs in color (dark, light) and in a fraction of 7-25 mm. The production of one square meter of tiles requires 5 to 7 kg of amber. The binding base of amber tiles is a unique patented “AMBREO acrylic polymer”, non-toxic and safe for health, which is confirmed by international certificates.
Color of the binding glue. Normally, we produce two colors of amber tiles: white and honey. But under the order we can paint in any color according to RAL.
Size Normally, we produce two sizes of amber tiles: 300x600x7 (mm) and 600x600x7 mm. We produce tiles of all sizes and fractions of amber to order.
There are no absolutely identical pieces of amber, so each tile is a unique handmade picture of carefully polished pieces of amber, and each wall lined with such tiles is a unique canvas that has artistic value.

Information for designers and craftsmen:
The texture of the tiles and their rich amber color strongly emphasises the proper lighting.
Various adhesives are suitable for surface mounting, including adhesives for ceramic tiles.
With a simple circular saw, you can easily cut tiles to the desired size, depending on the selected design.

Tiles in the interior of the kitchen


We have developed several types of tiles. Each tile is available in two sizes and decor is also available.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3